Course Descriptions

Natural Hair Care styling and Hair Braiding Pre-Clinical hours: Theory 192 Hours

This course will teach you how to braid hair and apply natural hair styling techniques, which is the art and science of natural beauty care. The course will provide the student with the fundamentals in scalp care, shampooing, conditioning, hair styling, properties of the hair and scalp, hair structure and types, hair disorder, chemical found in hair products, professional consultation basic, infection control, herbal treatment and rinses, basic anatomy, physiology and nutrition. Following the completion of these fundamentals, students are tested on their technical skills to verify they have reached the minimum competency requirements.

Natural Hair Care and Hair Braiding Clinical hours: Practical 408 Hours

In this final course of the program, theory and salon floor time will be devoted to information on the natural hair braiding salon business, hair design, hair braiding with extensions, wigs & hair additions, hair cutting on extension, extension hair coloring, extension hair removal and safety and infection control procedures pertaining to the course. Enhancing skills in selling products and services, and career planning. Clinic time is used to improve technical and customer service skills as well as meet school-mandated quotas. The course’s safety and sanitation practices will be covered in both theory and clinic. Students will study for and complete their 192 and 408 hours skill certifications. During this course, students will prepare for the final exam. Students will need a passing grade of 75% in both the theory and technical part of the exam to receive certification of completion.

Professional Licensure

In the state of Minnesota, the Natural Hair Care Styling curriculum does not lead to professional licensing. Hair braiding stylists in Minnesota are not required to have a license and are not regulated by the state Board of Cosmetology. For additional information on state/territory licensing requirements, call the state governing board.

Hair Braiding Registration Requirement Repealed

July 1, 2019 The Legislature repealed the requirement for hair braiders to register annually with the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology and exempted hair braiding from Minnesota Board of Cosmetology regulations. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding this new law?

What is hair braiding? As defined by MN Statute 155A.28, “Hair braiding” means a natural form of hair manipulation that results in tension on hair strands by beading, braiding, cornrowing, extending, lacing, locking, sewing, twisting, weaving, or wrapping human hair, natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and hair extensions into a variety of shapes, patterns, and textures predominantly by hand and by only using simple braiding devices, and maintenance thereof. Hair braiding includes what is commonly known as “African-style hair braiding” or “natural hair care” but is not limited to any particular cultural, ethnic, racial, or religious forms of hair styles. Hair braiding includes the making of customized wigs from natural hair, natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and hair extensions. Hair braiding includes the use of topical agents such as conditioners, gels, moisturizers, oils, pomades, and shampoos. Hair braiding does not involve the use of penetrating chemical hair treatments, chemical hair coloring agents, chemical hair straightening agents, chemical hair joining agents, permanent wave styles, or chemical hair bleaching agents applied to growing human hair. For purposes of this section, “simple hair braiding devices” means clips, combs, curlers, curling irons, hairpins, rollers, scissors, needles, thread, and hair binders including adhesives, if necessary, that are required solely for hair braiding.

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