Our Safety Protocol
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Our Safety Protocol


The Natural Hair Care Institute is dedicated to eliminating workplace violence and maintaining a safe and secure working environment for all employees. We have adopted the following principles to deal with intimidation, bullying, harassment, threats of violence, or actual violence that may occur during business hours or on school grounds, in light of the increasing violence in our society. At all times, all staff and students should be treated with kindness and respect. The institution and its environs are barred from having firearms, weapons, or other harmful or hazardous devices or substances.

If employees or students become aware of these objects in the facility, they should immediately notify their supervisor, instructor, or another member of management. Employees and students are expected to refrain from fighting, horseplay, or other conduct that may be dangerous. Conduct that threatens, intimidates or coerces another employee, student, or member of the public at any time, including off-duty periods, will not be tolerated. This restriction applies to all forms of harassment, including but not limited to harassment based on a person’s sex, race, national origin, gender identity, age, or any other protected feature under federal, state, or local law. All threats of violence, whether direct or indirect, should be reported to the immediate supervisor, instructor, or any other member of management as soon as possible.

Employees, students, visitors, and other members of the public may pose a threat. Be as clear and detailed as possible when reporting a threat of violence. Any questionable individuals or behaviors should be reported to a supervisor, instructor, or another member of management as soon as possible. All reported threats of violence or actual violence, suspicious individuals, and actions of concern will be investigated swiftly and fully by Natural Hair Care Institute. The identity of the person who filed the report will be preserved to the greatest extent possible. Natural Hair Care Institute may suspend the employee(s) or student(s) allegedly implicated, pending inquiry, in order to ensure staff and student safety and the integrity of its investigation. Anyone found guilty of threats of (or actual) violence or other conduct that violates these standards may face prompt disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment or expulsion from the institution.

Before the issue escalates into potential violence, Natural Hair Care Institute advises an employee or student to bring a quarrel or difference with another to the notice of the teacher or the school director. Natural Hair Care Institute is happy to assist in the resolution of employee and student conflicts and will not penalize employees or students who bring these issues to management’s attention. For more information about reporting a crime and responding to a crime report, institution security phone numbers, city law enforcement authority, monitoring and recording of criminal activity and occurrences of crimes on campus environment, the school’s drugs and alcohol policy, and information and policy on sexual harassment/misconduct/violence, refer to Natural Hair Care Institute Safety and Security Report on the website at www.nhci.education


In case of an emergency, dial 911. The Minneapolis Police Department can be reached at 612-673-5701. A record of all reported offenses will be kept at the campus director’s office. Anyone looking for information will be able to find this record on the institution’s website.

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